The goal in simulation experience in its general sense is to achieve as close as possible replication of actual real activity, whether it is an e-sport, training, entertainment, education or networking.

While Virtual reality and Augmentation reality are the future of simulation, surrounding settings are essential as far as what peripherals are being used in accordance to their purpose to reach that maximum state of immersion. The right choice of platform, software, electronic devices and how said controls are mounted on is often quite overwhelming. SimBuilder is free educational tool providing map of all components in organized and entertaining way, combined with illustrations, descriptions, terminology vocabulary, links, compatibility charts and some more.

Sim Racing & Flight Sim

Sim Racing

Sim Racing has grown in popularity exponentially in the past years. There are now so many high-quality platforms and games to chose from as well as controls and sim racing cockpits.

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Flight Sim

Although Flight simulation is less popular than sim racing it is also gaining quite the traction for the past couple years. Leading games MSFS and DCS world are constantly adding new modules, graphics have never been better, level of realism and immersion is getting pretty close to being in the actual aircraft.

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